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We celebrated the end of lockdown with an anthem for La DH Les Sports+

It’s with great pride and a certain sense of Belgian patriotism that we, along with our parent company Touch Agency, are thrilled to have conceived, produced and shot the new post-Covid advertising campaign for the La DH Les Sports+ newspaper.

The initial idea for the message of this large-scale campaign spanning multiple formats (print, web, radio and cinemas) was simple: to celebrate the return of athletic fervor on the occasion of the UEFA Euro championship, but also the reopening of so many activities that suffered due to the sanitary context and that the people of Belgium sorely missed since March 2020.

All we needed was to find the perfect vehicle to convey this message of “bringing all Belgians together”. The solution found by Nicolas Couturier, Touch Agency’s Creative Director? To highlight the Belgian national anthem, la Brabançonne. But creatively, in an original and modern way.

The advertiser was instantly hooked on the idea, as was Belgian electronic music producer Kid Noize, whom we entrusted with the project’s musical direction. From there emerged a coherent and ambitious artistic partnership that showcased all at once the artist, the iconic anthem and the world-famous outgoing friendliness of the Belgians. “Kid Noize was fully on board with the project’s approach”, says Cédric Ménier, the co-founder of Echo Studio, “so much so that it was decided with La DH Sport+ to feature him in the commercial.”


In this advertising film directed by Cyprien Delire, various professions, people and supporters are getting ready to cheer on the national team while humming and whistling a few notes from the anthem. Put together in a montage whose energy inescapably builds up, the sequences ultimately recreate the entire anthem, crystallizing the fervor that was finally able to express itself again with the athletic events and competitions of Summer 2021.

From it all emerges a positive, unifying and powerful message brought to the screen as a lever for our client’s equally powerful and unifying strategy: “all together towards new victories.”


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