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Our tips for a successful video interview

Answering questions in front of a camera isn’t something that comes naturally to anyone. In order for the interview you’re about to answer to be clear, compelling and pleasant to watch, you need to pay attention to a few key elements, such as:

  • Your outfit
  • Your posture
  • What you say
  • The way you say it

It can seem self-evident, but with just a little preparation effort for each one of these elements, you’ll vastly increase your chances of killing it during your next interview.


Our expertise at your disposal


Here at Echo, filming people while they talk about a subject (and making them look good doing so) is what we do every day. The least you could say is that we have gathered a certain expertise in that field. And since our objective is the same as yours – to make sure your interview is a success – we wanted to put that expertise at your disposal.

Check out our 5 tips to prepare for a filmed interview :


1. Choose your outfit wisely 


According to the subject you will talk about, go for a more formal or casual style. But before anything else, make sure you choose clothes you feel comfortable in.

Also make sure you pick colors that suit your complexion and that will blend nicely with the locations you’re likely to be filmed in.

Note that on camera, clothes with striped motifs should be avoided, as well as excessively bright colors like red, yellow or green.



2. Adopt a dynamic and comfortable posture 


The first thing to do is relax. Remember we’re on your side. Our teams shoot and post-produces images with one single objective, to highlight a message and its bearer: you.

In every case, it’s always best to go for a dynamic and positive attitude: remember to smile!

Also remember to adopt a posture that suits the overall message of the film. Our teams are there to guide you if necessary.


Make sure you always look at the journalist, not the camera (except if otherwise instructed, in certain specific cases). And look at them frankly: no fleeting gazes or staring at your feet, and don’t seek approval from people nearby.


3. Don’t move around too much 


Talking with your hands is good, it’s often effective to get your point across and make the interview more dynamic, but do it reasonably.

Also, once the cameraman is done with settings and adjustments, it’s best to stay in the same spot and keep the same position until the end.



4. Prepare your interview


The answers you give must be the best possible reflection of your job, your history and personality. Be concise, crystal clear and compelling!

It’s a good idea to practice before the interview. Our teams will send you the questions in advance, or at least the subjects you’ll be talking about.

Write down the overall structure of what you’re going to say, the key words and main messages you want to get across: this will help you avoid excessively long answers. Memorize them without learning them by heart, as it’s best to stay lively and spontaneous.


5. Pay attention to talking points 


You are only going to talk about subjects you know well, so trust yourself. Let yourself be guided by the journalist’s questions.

Remember what you memorized and make sure your answers repeat the question and are always full sentences with a subject and a verb.

It’s important for viewers to be able to understand your answer without hearing the question.


In conclusion, relax, take your time, don’t hesitate to repeat a sentence if you feel you stammered or stumbled over a word, and count on our teams to help you out!


Now it’s up to you! Download our short and simple practical guide to help you prepare for your next filmed interview.

And don’t forget: at every step, before and during the shoot, our team is at your side to guide, advise and support you!

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