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Our tips for a successful video interview

Answering questions in front of a camera isn’t something that comes naturally to anyone. In order for the interview you’re about to answer to be clear, compelling and pleasant to watch, you need to pay attention to a few key elements, such as:

  • Your outfit
  • Your posture
  • What you say
  • The way you say it

It can seem self-evident, but with just a little preparation effort for each one of these elements, you’ll vastly increase your chances of killing it during your next interview.

Our expertise at your disposal

Here at Echo, filming people while they talk about a subject (and making them look good doing so) is what we do every day. The least you could say is that we have gathered a certain expertise in that field. And since our objective is the same as yours – to make sure your interview is a success – we wanted to put that expertise at your disposal.

Which is why we created a short and simple practical guide to help you prepare for your next filmed interview. You can download it here.

And don’t forget: at every step, before and during the shoot, our team is at your side to guide, advise and support you!

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