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A division of Touch agency

Echo studio a division of Touch agency

Founded in 2011, Touch Agency is one of Brussels’ premier communications agencies. A creative, multidisciplinary and agile powerhouse, it decided to add a string to its bow and extend its expertise towards content marketing with the launch of Echo Studio in July of 2017. This new division was the image-creating spearhead of Touch, which thus established itself as a truly multichannel agency.

Favoring a decidedly storytelling-oriented approach, Echo Studio provides customers with content marketing and editorial strategy. But it also handles the in-house creation of audiovisual content of all sorts, from snack content to live streaming, aftermovies, brand movies and product movies, across a wide range of formats: video, gif, cinemagraphs, motion design, 3D animation, 360° VR…

The reins of Echo Studio were handed to one of its founders who had previously acquired extensive experience during his career in video content production in Paris.

A small but highly dynamic division whose dedicated team brings together experts in video content creation and production, Echo Studio rapidly gained the trust of its own prestigious clients across Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the UK, while also catering to the needs of the customers of its parent company Touch Agency.